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Fees and Dues

Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

Membership fees are $400.00 upon approval of proof of lineal descent from an ancestor of a First Family of New York, and are set for lifetime.  

Peter Minuit

In 1624 Peter Minuit pays 24 dollars in trade goods for Manhattan Island

All members of the initial Board of Governors of the Society of the First Families of New York Ltd. have been designated "Founder Members." Founder Member John Mauk Hilliard was our first member.


The Board of Governors may approve an individual who has made significant contributions to the study and genealogy of the "First Families of New York", or the study of the history of the State of New York to be an Honorary Member. Lineal descent is not a requirement. 

Such a designated Honorary Member, officially known as "Fellow", pays no membership fees and is entitled to wear appropriate insignia and attend appropriate social functions.

An Honorary Member shall not be counted toward representation or have a right to vote or to hold office in the Society.

Supplemental Applications

Supplemental applications may be submitted with a prescribed fee of $200.00. The same criteria apply as for an initial application.

Collateral Lineage

The Society does not accept, under any condition, a collateral lineage for membership.


Membership shall be evidenced by a Certificate of Membership, and Insignia, which shall be provided at the expense of the member.

Board of Governors and Officers

The Society is governed by the Board of Governors ("the Board").

The Board is comprised of Officers and Directors of the Society. The Senior Officers are automatically Directors and Include the Governor General, the Deputy Governor General, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Registrar. Other Officers may be appointed by the Board from time to time.


The regular meetings of the Society shall be held in October, January and April, unless otherwise ordered by the Society or Board.

The regular meeting in April shall be known as the Annual Meeting, and shall be for the purpose of receiving reports of officers and committees, electing and installing officers, and for any other business that may arise. The date of the regular annual meeting shall be set by the Board of Governors who shall also set the time and place.

Special meetings may be called by the Governor General or shall be called upon the written request of 5 members. Except in cases of emergency, 7 days notice shall be given. The business transacted at any special meeting shall be limited to that stated in the call to the meeting.

Sara Champion, First Families of New York board member, atteding a Lineage Society event.

Robert R. Livingston (1746-1813)

FFNY Registrar Sara Champion attending a Lineage Society event with the FFNY flag in the background.

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