Honoring the memory of the First Families of New York who were residents of colonial New York before 1783.

The Society

The Society of the First Families of New York, Ltd was founded February 15, 2014 and is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization.

Objectives and purpose

Identifying and honoring the memory of ancestors who were the "First Families of New York" (1625-1783).

Associating the living descendants of the "First Families" as members of the Society and bringing them into closer association through activities centered on matters of common historical and genealogical interests.

Producing and distributing publications of all kinds relating to the history and genealogy of the "First Families of New York".

Educating the general public, to the maximum extent possible, about the history of "First Families of New York" and their subsequent impact upon American history.



Any individual at least eighteen years old, and is who is determined by the Society to be eligible based on proven lineal descent from an ancestor of the Founding Families of the State of New York, who was a resident of colonial New York, or its current borders, before November 25, 1783.

Schedule of Events - Save the Date!

Thursday, January 14, 2021 - Hamilton Birthday Event

Thursday, July 14, 2021 - British Garden Party